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Q: Can I book the Village East on the weekend?
A: The Village East is first and foremost a movie theater. In most cases, events can only be booked Monday through Thursday.

Q: Can I bring in outside catering for my event?
A: Absolutely. The Village East Cinema offers all types of movie concessions, including popcorn, candy and soft drinks. You are welcome to bring in your own caterer or food at no extra cost.

Q: Can I bring in my own alcohol for my fundraiser?
A: You may bring in outside alcohol for your event only if you or your company has a valid liquor license.  The Village East Cinema does not sell alcohol on its premises.

Q: I want to bring a group to the theater. Is there special pricing?
A: Yes. Groups of 25 or more may receive discounted group pricing, and tickets must be purchased in a single transaction directly at the box office. We recommend that you collect money from your group members in advance and have one person purchase the tickets.

Q: Do you accommodate Academy Award qualifying runs?
A: The Village East accepts all inquiries for film qualifying runs. Please fill out the below form and mail, with screener, to our booking department. Please contact Megan Lyle for more information. Click here for official Academy Award qualifying rules:
Qualifying Rules

Q: Do you offer digital projection?

A. Yes.  The Village East Cinema can accommodate digital projection as well as several additional formats.  Additional rates will apply.  Please contact Megan Lyle for rates and availability.

Q: How can I know what films will be coming soon to the Village East?
A: There are several ways to learn about future programming at the theater. You can check the
Coming Soon page of the Village East Cinema's website, look in the InFocus newsletter available each week in our lobby, or sign up for our E-mail Newsletter .

Q: Do you have a private room to hold receptions?

A: The Village East Cinema is an operational movie theater, and we do not have private rooms available for receptions.  However, we do have separate lobby space that can be rented for small gatherings.

Q: Can I list my event or announcement on the marquee?

A: Yes.  For an additional fee we can list your event on the marquee.

Q. Can I have press and/or photography at my event?

A. Of course.  We can assist you with any red carpet or premiere event, press request or step and repeat needs.  Please contact RACHEL by e-mail, or at 212.871.6838 for further information.


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